Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Winter Finches have been few and far between both in Algonquin Park or the Algonquin Inn. We have had from time to time a flock of Evening Grosebeaks but since we have had the last heavy snow fallm they have been regular visitors to the bird feeders. Unfortunately, they have been very flighty, and I have not been successful in getting any close ups. So, last week I set up a blind, left it there for a few days so that they would get accustomed to it. The result after a few hours are a few close ups, full frame and not cropped.

female evening grosbeak

male evening grosbeck

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Wood Ducks have to be one of my favourite birds,both the Male and Female are very striking birds,Unlike most other ducks, the wood duck has sharp claws for perching in trees and normally nests in tree cavities.
Nests in preformed tree cavities made by tree diseases, fire scars, lightning, and cavity-making birds like pileated woodpeckers for nest sites and also use artificial nest boxes.
the photo i would like to get most is of a wood duck looking out of it's hole in a tree.
Algonquin Park has many wood ducks in the summer but now with temps as low as -32c last week open water is very hard to find and so all he ducks have headed south a long time ago.
i know of a lake that has a very small open area of water, just south of Algonquin Park which usually has some wintering mallard ducks on it, but this year it has a pair of wood ducks that have stayed for the winter so far.

male wood duck

female duck

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