Tuesday, July 28, 2009


The first public Wolf howl will be held in Algonquin Park on Thursday 6th August,at 8pm,it starts at the meeting point of the outdoor theatre which is at the 35.4 km marker from the west gate.
we advise guests to allow up to an hour travel from the Algonquin Inn to the theatre, and not to expect to return until about midnight.......
once the first Wolf howl has been completed i will post the results of the evening.
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Friday, July 24, 2009


August is just around the corner,and during that month Algonquin Park holds the Wolf Howl every thursday night.If you go to our web site at Algonquin inn you will find more details on this event, but hearing a Wolf is one thing but getting to see one and close up is rare at this time of year,a good solution is the Wolf center at the Haliburton Forest,which is located about 45-1hr from the Inn.
The Wolf center has an easy access veiwing area which is in fact has one way glass,and if your lucky to be there when it's fedding time then you can come away with some great close up photo's , again more details on this and haliburton forest click this link to our web site.

i took these in the early spring at the center.


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Sunday, July 19, 2009


The Wolf Den Bunkhouse a Hostel which is just up the road from the Algonquin Inn on Oxtongue Lake,is holding Kayak lessons this summer for Mondays and Tuesdays June - September SK1 Flatwater Kayak Instruction.
- ORCKA and Paddle Canada Certified Instructor James Seabrook
Courses and Costs Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced Levels At the Wolf Den location
- By Appointment
1 Person $1202 Per. $110 Each3 Per. $100 Each4 Per. $90 Each5 Per. $80
Each Includes all paddling, safety equipment and kayaks,
They will meet your needs :Every aspect of their kayaking school is a reflection of their commitment to put the student's needs first. No other kayak school combines the best in: ideal course locations, class size limits, instructor experience, and equipment selection.The kayaking lessons are designed to maximize your learning. They provide you with a kayak, paddle, PFD, spray skirt and all necessary safety equipment.
so if you ever thought of of getting a lesson this would be the ideal way stay play and get your lesson at the same time.
For more info or reservations please contact James directly at 416 576-7332

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

a great Algonquin Park map FREE and on-line

Already on our web site Algonquininn.com we have a map link to the highway # 60 corridor map,but for those of you that wish to see the full Algonquin Park detail,the maps available are limited in information and yes cost money,but that has all changed with the free on-line map.

Three years ago, Jeffrey A. McMurtrie decided to make his own map of Algonquin Park. McMurtie, a third year environmental geography student at the University of Toronto and a frequent Algonquin visitor, realized that the official park map had “serious” cartographical errors. He also didn’t like the fact that the map didn’t mark enough destinations such as springs or historical sites. He spent two years working on the project, gathering information from earlier park maps, books, newspapers, park publications, trip logs and his own observations. When he was done, he put it on the Internet and allowed people to download it for free.just click here.

McMurtrie’s map is much, much better than the official park map, which you can only get in print for a price. It's more accurate, more current and has way more information. (He says it has more than 120 layers of data.) He updates it frequently and is happy to correct errors that users inform him of. He also sells an 84-page book version of the map for $25, a full-sized, 41.5”x55” version for $35 ($45 on waterproof material), and sectioned versions for $10-$16. “Don’ worry though,” McMurtrie writes, “the print and digital versions are the same. In fact the prices are as low as the printing companies will let me go (I don't want to make a profit.)”

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ragged Falls Oxtongue Lake

Ragged Falls Provincial Park is a unique Park, 5 kms west of Algonquin Provincial Park ,Ragged Falls is a little known hidden gem, which is only a two minute drive from the Algonquin Inn on highway # 60 towards Algonquin Park West gate.

This is a wild waterfall, and unlike its many neighbors in the Muskoka Region it has not been dammed or diverted in any way. A well groomed trail leads to a nice overlook of the falls. A chain link fence along the gorge walls is the only thing that takes away from the wildness of the area.
The falls is a steep cascade that is somewhat 'S' shaped. You can climb along the rocks alongside the falls, and it is easy to get to the base and to the top of the falls. The view from the bottom is particularly impressive.
The Oxtongue River flows out of Algonquin Provincial Park into Oxtongue Lake and eventually into the Lake of Bays Muskoka, which is the source of the South Branch of the Muskoka River. The Muskoka eventually reaches Lake Huron by means of Moon River.
Oxtongue River is primarily a waterway park. The Ragged Falls section consists of a small parking area just off of Hwy 60 and the trails to the falls. There is a fee to park.

Nearby Falls

There are a lot of waterfalls in this area. Gravel Chute is upstream of Ragged Falls and Marsh's Falls is downstream. There are many waterfalls in Algonquin Provincial Park, but most of the bigger ones are on the eastern side of the park. Bracebridge Falls. Muskoka Falls, Muskoka High Falls and others can all be found near Bracebridge.

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Horse trail riding here @ Oxtongue Lake

Here is a copy of a press release from our friends Tracy and family regarding their
trail riding set up here on Oxtongue Lake,as can been seen very reasonable rates for this service,and opportunity to ride around the Algonquin Park area.

Algonquin Highlands Trail Riding is geared up for another season of horseback trail riding around the scenic Oxtongue Lake area. After last year’s overwhelming response, owner Tracie Gower Parrott has been hard at work preparing for the 2009 season.

Parrott has upgraded her facilities for the 2009 season.”This year we decided to offer pony rides, so our younger visitors to the area can enjoy our facilities. We also added a horsemanship-mentoring program. As a result, we built a new riding ring and purchased some great new horses.” Parrott is also excited that her daughter Charisse Parrott has joined as a full time member of the team. “It really is a family affair.”
Off the grid and naturally rustic, Algonquin Highlands Trail Riding has access to 100s of kilometers of picturesque crown land. Nestled on the doorstep of Algonquin Provincial Park’s western entrance, trail riding offers everyone the chance to enjoy Oxtongue’s flora and fauna, and inspiring surroundings few have the opportunity to explore.

“Once in the saddle, our guests are amazed by how peaceful and quiet traveling in the bush really is,” says Parrott. Algonquin Highlands Trail Riding is geared to preserve the natural heritage of trail riding. “Horseback riding is a green and healthy way to travel and it has a low environmental impact. To me, the best way to spend a summer’s day is on horseback – enjoying the sunshine, countryside and wildlife,” comments Parrott. “The views and colors are simply amazing.”

About Algonquin Highlands Trail Riding
Algonquin Highlands Trail Riding offers guided horseback riding from early July to autumn (weather permitting). The centre is located on 1099 Blue Spruce Road, just off Highway 60 and is walking distance from the Algonquin Inn . Algonquin Park, Dwight, Huntsville and Dorset are all within a 10-30 minute drive.
Trail riding occurs Monday to Saturday with 3 rides daily. Call 24 hours in advance to book a ride.
Rides cost $45 per person for 1.5 hour trail rides and are open to novice and experienced trail riders, age 11 and up. Once a week, a 4-hour special trail ride is held complete with a picnic lunch from Henrietta’s Bakery. Rates are $150 for the 4-hour trail ride (this includes the picnic lunch).

Being off the grid means they cannot accept credit cards or Interac, so riders are asked to please bring cash only.
All rides start with a mandatory mini-lesson that includes a brief overview of horse riding basics and trail riding etiquette. Helmets are recommended and are mandatory for anyone age 17 and younger. Heeled footwear is also recommended. Sandals are not permitted. No prior riding experience is necessary.

For more information contact:
Tracie Gower Parrott
Algonquin Highlands Trail Riding
P: 705.380.4456
E: ridealgonquin[.]hotmail.com

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Les Stroud Meets a Bull Moose in Algonquin Park

Les Stroud from the Survivor man TV series talking about his experience of meeting a bull Moose in Algonquin Park in the fall rut season......not recommend.....seeing the Moose in the Spring and Summer along hwy #60 is a very different Moose to the one's in the Fall and a great deal of care and caution should be exercised stay well clear is always good advice..

Algonquin inn
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We are asked by guests when they arrive at the Algonquin inn if there are any organized events in the Algonquin Park during the period of their stay, and we can can provide them the current listing of events that the Park provides us.
But even better now the Park is now publishing the events on-line.......and in advance as well, so our guests can plan ahead, as can be seen when you follow this link..http://www.algonquinpark.on.ca/programs/thisweek.htmlthe list of events covers just about everything in the park from Bird walks/spotting with guides like Ron Tozar to movies at the outdoor theatre on bears etc, check it out...

EVENING PROGRAMS are presented at the Outdoor Theatre (at km 35.4) and consist of a slide presentation and film about some aspect of Algonquin. If the program cannot be held outdoors (e.g., due to weather conditions), a sign is posted at the Outdoor Theatre and visitors are directed to the indoor theatre at the Algonquin Visitor Centre (at km 43).

GUIDED WALKS Join a Park Naturalist on a leisurely outing that focuses on different themes of Algonquin's natural and cultural history. Most walks last about 1.5 hours, while Evening and Night Walks (no dogs allowed) are about 2.5 hours long. Walks at the Lookout Trail and Opeongo Lookout sites require a moderate climb. For your own comfort, you may wish to bring a hat, sun block, insect repellent, and water. Sturdy hiking footwear is recommended.

PUBLIC WOLF HOWLS take place only on Thursdays in August, or in September before Labour Day when weather and accessible wolves permit.
program lasts about three hours
evening begins at the Outdoor Theatre (at km 35.4) with a slide presentation on wolf ecology AND participants receive special instructions

we travel by car (on rare occasions, we walk) to a place where wild wolves may answer the imitations given by the naturalist staff
arrive early
fill vehicle with gas
dress warmly
no dogs allowed at the Outdoor Theatre or the howl site
When in the Park, check Park bulletin boards on the day of a projected Wolf Howl for confirmation. As well, confirmation will be posted on our Website by 10:00 a.m. of the day of a projected Wolf Howl.

Algonquin inn
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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Loon guided tour on Lake of Bays Muskoka

I had the opportunity to ride along with two of our guests from the (the guests told me that they had a ton of "keepers"and in fact will be back for the Moose tours in the Fall) from the Algonquin inn on a guided tour with tour guide Michael Bertelson, on a Loons and chicks tour.

Up early so as to be out on the lake when the first light came out,we went out on Lake of Bays Muskoka in Michael's boat which is perfectly fitted out, it's a flat very stable john boat, with four fishing chairs that allow you to turn in a full circle without obstruction. And for the first half hour enjoyed the sun rise with the mist on the lake . (more pictures on that in another post)

It did not take Michael long to locate two Loons with it's chick, once Michael See's the Loons he shuts off the motor and let's them get use to us after a while he is able to creep in a little closer on the electric motor without disturbing them, Michael is very much aware of the Loons in respect of keeping his distance so as not to disturb or stress them in any way, and this allows us to see the natural interaction of the Loon family.

early morning mist and that first stretch of the day..... these are just a few of the shot's taken but i have so many to process i just wanted to share these,when things quieten down i will have plenty of time to work on them more in processing , i have some great one's of the adults feeding the youngster small fish and dragoon fly roe.

Check Spelling
a fly by with a Blue Heron, as we were returning back to shore in the bright light..

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Later on in the afternoon and evening Michael took the guests and boat up to
Opeongo Lake for Moose and Loons and again they were not disapointed.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


When visiting Algonquin Park always take the opportunity to stop in at the Algonquin Visitor Centre which is located at the 43 kms marker.

The Centre is run by the Friends of Algonquin Park,inside there is a the bookstore ,theatre,museum,coffee shop,with a wonderful view from the viewing deck,as well as the are always naturalist's there willing to help and and provide advise on the park.

This year in the Gallery section our friend Michael Bertelsen will be exhibiting his photography pictures of wildlife inside Algonquin Park.

Michael is our guide that provides the guiding services for guests for the Loon and Moose photography as well as for fish charter service,
so if you get the chance drop in it's well worth the time.....and check-out our guided tours as well....

Loon tours http://www.algonquininn.com/special-activities/loon-photography.htm
Moose tours http://www.algonquininn.com/special-activities/moose-photography.htm
Fishing charter service http://www.algonquininn.com/special-activities/fishing-charters.htm www.algonquininn.com
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