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We are asked by guests when they arrive at the Algonquin inn if there are any organized events in the Algonquin Park during the period of their stay, and we can can provide them the current listing of events that the Park provides us.
But even better now the Park is now publishing the events on-line.......and in advance as well, so our guests can plan ahead, as can be seen when you follow this link.. list of events covers just about everything in the park from Bird walks/spotting with guides like Ron Tozar to movies at the outdoor theatre on bears etc, check it out...

EVENING PROGRAMS are presented at the Outdoor Theatre (at km 35.4) and consist of a slide presentation and film about some aspect of Algonquin. If the program cannot be held outdoors (e.g., due to weather conditions), a sign is posted at the Outdoor Theatre and visitors are directed to the indoor theatre at the Algonquin Visitor Centre (at km 43).

GUIDED WALKS Join a Park Naturalist on a leisurely outing that focuses on different themes of Algonquin's natural and cultural history. Most walks last about 1.5 hours, while Evening and Night Walks (no dogs allowed) are about 2.5 hours long. Walks at the Lookout Trail and Opeongo Lookout sites require a moderate climb. For your own comfort, you may wish to bring a hat, sun block, insect repellent, and water. Sturdy hiking footwear is recommended.

PUBLIC WOLF HOWLS take place only on Thursdays in August, or in September before Labour Day when weather and accessible wolves permit.
program lasts about three hours
evening begins at the Outdoor Theatre (at km 35.4) with a slide presentation on wolf ecology AND participants receive special instructions

we travel by car (on rare occasions, we walk) to a place where wild wolves may answer the imitations given by the naturalist staff
arrive early
fill vehicle with gas
dress warmly
no dogs allowed at the Outdoor Theatre or the howl site
When in the Park, check Park bulletin boards on the day of a projected Wolf Howl for confirmation. As well, confirmation will be posted on our Website by 10:00 a.m. of the day of a projected Wolf Howl.

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