Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Loon guided tour on Lake of Bays Muskoka

I had the opportunity to ride along with two of our guests from the (the guests told me that they had a ton of "keepers"and in fact will be back for the Moose tours in the Fall) from the Algonquin inn on a guided tour with tour guide Michael Bertelson, on a Loons and chicks tour.

Up early so as to be out on the lake when the first light came out,we went out on Lake of Bays Muskoka in Michael's boat which is perfectly fitted out, it's a flat very stable john boat, with four fishing chairs that allow you to turn in a full circle without obstruction. And for the first half hour enjoyed the sun rise with the mist on the lake . (more pictures on that in another post)

It did not take Michael long to locate two Loons with it's chick, once Michael See's the Loons he shuts off the motor and let's them get use to us after a while he is able to creep in a little closer on the electric motor without disturbing them, Michael is very much aware of the Loons in respect of keeping his distance so as not to disturb or stress them in any way, and this allows us to see the natural interaction of the Loon family.

early morning mist and that first stretch of the day..... these are just a few of the shot's taken but i have so many to process i just wanted to share these,when things quieten down i will have plenty of time to work on them more in processing , i have some great one's of the adults feeding the youngster small fish and dragoon fly roe.

Check Spelling
a fly by with a Blue Heron, as we were returning back to shore in the bright light..

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Later on in the afternoon and evening Michael took the guests and boat up to
Opeongo Lake for Moose and Loons and again they were not disapointed.

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