Friday, September 4, 2009


This a great time of the year for stargazing, even better with the dark skies of Muskoka and Algonquin Park. at this time of year we see many groups having their star gazing parties in Algonquin Park, and as a bonus the International Space Station and Space Shuttle will be coming into view in our area next week.
The I.S.S can often be seen shortly before dawn or just after sunset.With its large metallic body and solar panels reflecting sunlight, the I.S.S. is easily seen with the naked eye as it completes its nearly 90- minute orbit at an altitude of 350 kms.
for the next few days,with the Shuttle docked to the I.S.S. it is even an easier to spot.
Observers should look for a fast moving "star" travelling from West to East .
The best times for viewing the pair over the next few days are:
Sept 7th at 8.52pm rising low in the Southwest and visible for 3.5 mins.
Sept 8th at 9.16pm same spot for 3mins
Sept 9th at 8.06 pm same location for 4mins
Sept 9th at 9.41 (second pass) rising low in the West visible for 2.5mins.
Sept 10th at 8.31 pm rasing low in the West for 5mins.
Spet 10th at 10.07 (second pass) rising low in the Northwest for 1.5mins.
have a great time....

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