Saturday, November 28, 2009

at last out and about

after a busy summer and fall here at the Algonquin Inn i have finally been able to get all of my jobs done for Winter,(well most) which means i can now get out and about.
this is also the time of year when we can start to expect to see the Winter arrivals...and top of my list are raptors, this last week i have been able to obtain some fair shots of

Northern Saw-Whet Owl,

Barred Owl

Eastern Screech-Owl, e-mail

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  1. I love your blog page and I check it frequently. I love finding Ontario's wildlife and photographing them. This past weekend I ventured up to Amherst Island and Presqu'ile Provincial Park in search of owls and I saw many Barred owls and one other owl that was a short-eared. I was looking for saw-whets but had no luck. I love you pictures and especially the screech owl. It looks like you found them with ease. I am heading up to Algonquin soon in hopes to find and photograph a pine marten and would love any advise on finding owls and pine martens in the area. My e-mail is

    Thank you very much for your blog and keep the posts coming.


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