Thursday, December 10, 2009


The other day i was in the park checking the bird feeders over at the visitors center, after i left heading back to Algonquin Inn on highway 60 going East only 5mins into the drive i spotted an Otter in the middle of the lake.
the Lake was frozen except for a small area then more Otters appeared in the end there were 5 in total, the best way to describe the scene it's like a bucket of live eels....
they were climbing over each other a belly sliding on the ice just enjoying the sun out on the ice.

a crowd at the water hole

here you can see the Otters tracks it runs and then slides across the ice.

off to eat the prize on it's own


  1. They are so delightful! Thanks for sharing the photos.
    / My Muskoka !

  2. Wonderful pictures, I've seen one otter since I moverd to Huntsville, would love to come across a bunch like this!


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