Sunday, May 17, 2009

full birding report algonquin park

this week we had a birding group in from eagle eye tours staying at the Algonquin Inn,the tour leader was Blake Maybank,

Blake was good enough to go over his sighting for the Algonquin Park trip ,here is the listings broken down by main areas.

spruce bog extra's

verginia rail

algonquin park visitors center

eastern phoebe nesting under observation deck

53km marker area

black backed woodpecker

wiskey rapids extra's
belted kinfisher ,swainson's thrush ,black-throated blue warbler

opeongo rd

canada goose ,mallard ,ruffed grouse ,common loon ,turkey vulture ,spotted sandpipper ,yellow bellied sapsucker ,northern flicker ,pileated woodpecker ,blue-headed vireo ,gray jay ,blue jay
american crow ,common raven ,black-capped chickadee ,red-breasted nuthatch ,winter wren
golden crowned kinglet ,ruby-crowned kinglet ,hermit thrush ,american robin ,nashville warbler
yellow warbler ,chestnut sided warbler ,magnolia warbler ,yelloow-rumped warbler ,black-throated green warbler ,black and white warbler ,american redstart ,ovenbird ,northern waterthrush ,common yellowthroat ,chipping sparrow ,song sparrow ,swamp sparrow
white-throated sparrow ,dark-eyed junco ,rose-breasted grosbeak ,red-winged blackbird
purple finch ,pine siskin ,american goldfinch ,evening grosbeak

algonquin inn to the west gate of park.
canada goose,wood duck,american black duck,mallard,ruffed grouse,common loon,great blus heron,turkey vulture,bald eagle,coopers hawk,broad-winged hawk,red-tailed hawk,merlin,spotted sandpiper,wilsons snipe,ruby-throated hummingbird,yellew-bellied sapsucker,downy woodpecker,hairy woodpecker,northern flicker,pileated woodpeckerleast flycather,blue-headed vireo,philadelphia vireo,red-eyed vireo,blue jay,american crowcommon raven,barn swallow,back-capped chickadee,red breasted nuthatch,ruby-crowned kinglethermit thrush,american robin,brown thrasher,european starling,nashville warbler,northern parula,yellow warbler,chestnut-sided warbler,magnolia warbler,yellow rumped warbler,blackburnian warbler,palm warbler,bay-breasted warbler,black-and-white warbler,ovenbird,common yellowthroat,scarlet tanager,chipping sparrow,clay-clored sparrow,savannah sparrow,song sparrow,swamp sparrow,white-throated sparrow,white-crowned sparrow,rose-beasted grosbeak,indigo bunting,red-winged blackbird,common crackle,purple finch,pine siskin,american goldfinch,evening grosbeak.


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