Thursday, May 14, 2009

latest birding observations from a birding group

we just had a group of birders in from the U.K. avian adventures,on their last morning they birded the portage area of Long Lake which is only 4 to 5 minutes from the Algonquin Inn and just before Algonquin Park.
along with all of the birds you would expect and i have reported here they also noted,sap sucker woodpeckers, pileated woodpeckers,northern harrier,wilsons snipe,cap may warbler,yellow warbler,Nashville warbler,scarlet tanager,spotted sandpiper,eastern phoebe,swamp sparrows,brown thrasher, and when i re visited this location the same day i had a bonus to above in that there is a nesting pair of Merlin's.....putting on a display....

yellow warbler

yellow-bellied sapsucker (f)
found this on next to the highway drilling away into the bark of the tree as the wounds in the tree fill with the sweet sap it attracts insects and bugs for it to eat.

this is the result of the sapsuckers work,

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