Thursday, June 25, 2009


Hi ONTBirders:

I spent the day at Algonquin, concentrating on the Arowhon Road areas. At the end of Arowhon Road, on the Orange Trail at Arowhon Pines, I located 10 species of warbler, including 4 NORTHERN PARULAS, 4 MAGNOLIA WARBLERS, 2 BLACK-THROATED BLUE WARBLERS, and 1 CANADA WARBLER. Two WINTER WRENS could be heard singing in the forest, as well as a WOOD THRUSH and a VEERY. As I was leaving, I heard three YELLOW-THROATED VIREOS singing near the restaurant and tennis court area.

I spent the remainder of the morning and early afternoon along the Old Railway, where I observed 11 warbler species, including 4 NASHVILLE WARBLERS, 2 CAPE MAY WARBLERS, 2 BLACKBURNIAN WARBLERS, and singles of BLACK-THROATED BLUE, BLACK-AND-WHITE, MAGNOLIA, and MOURNING WARBLERS. Five BOREAL CHICKADEES were singing and actively foraging, as well as 5 GOLDEN-CROWNED KINGLETS. A family of three BROAD-WINGED HAWKS flew lazy circles above the trail, frequently calling out.

Good birding!


from Huntsville Muskoka take hwy # 60 which will after 20 mins pass the Algonquin Inn
then on into Algonquin Park, Arowhan rd is located at the 15km marker and at the entarnce to the Mizzy Lake trail.....also a great location for Moose spotting....

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