Monday, January 11, 2010


Went into Algonquin Park today as i had heard that a Wolf pack had been sighted on Opeongo Lake, but, no joy, in fact things were very quiet, it has already been reported that the current Bird count is the worst in many years.
So, on the way back to the Inn i dropped in on the usual haunts. At the Mew Lake campground i found two new resident Pine Martins, a male and a female. They are now fairly friendly in that they are approachable. Add to that 4 Gray Jays who joined in the fun once we put some seed down for the other resident birds.
So, if Gray Jays and Pine Martins are on your list then head up now to the Park and don't forget the bag of bird seed.


  1. Amazing photos Gary. I heard there were two around campsite 93 but when we were up there we went for a drive and didn't get to see them. Great shots. I love the third one the best.

    Thanks again for the info early,
    Scott Smith

    p.s. you also inspired me to start my own blog.

  2. Hello
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