Wednesday, January 27, 2010


As Winter birding has been so quiet here in Algonquin Park, and in fact being reported all over Ontario, I have resorted to travelling far and wide in search of new subjects to photograph.

Just recently a Varied Thrush Male was reported just a little south of us in the Schomberg area, an I have never seen one before, for good reason, they are very much a west coast bird.
It breeds in western North America from Alaska to northern California. It is migratory, with northern breeders moving south within or somewhat beyond the breeding range.
The male Varied Thrush is a striking bird, and is virtually unmistakable. It is smaller than an American Robin and dark blue-gray above. It has bright orange wing bars, throat, lateral head stripe and underparts. There is a black breast band and facemask. The song is eerie and melancholic. So, I went to see for myself and here he is.

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