Friday, April 16, 2010

Algonquin Park bird report

Following the flurry of new arrivals and birders during
last week's Easter Weekend, things slowed down significantly
this week in typical mid April fashion in Algonquin.

New arrival reports were limited to Sandhill Crane on April 11
and Hermit Thrush on April 12. Sandhill Cranes are rare but
apparently increasing in Algonquin Park, and were observed
at four different locations here this week.

Common Loons were still not widespread by the end of the week,
even though all lakes have been open since April 7.

The first of the three Highway 60 Owl Surveys produced Barred
Owls at km 4, km 10 and km 12 on April 14. No Northern
Saw-whet Owls were heard, as expected given the low small
mammal numbers.

A few Wild Turkeys were observed along Highway 60, apparently
part of the April move back into the Park noted in recent years.

Boreal Species:

Spruce Grouse: A displaying male was observed in the black
spruce bog along the north end of Opeongo Road on April 12.

Gray Jay: Birds were noted at the Logging Museum parking
lot, and at the chain gate along the old railway west of Wolf Howl
Pond this week.

We would appreciate receiving your bird observations
for our Visitor Centre records. Weekend visitors are
encouraged to add their observations of newly arrived
migrants to the sheets posted in the Visitor Centre lobby.

Ron Tozer
Algonquin Park Naturalist (retired)

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