Thursday, January 27, 2011

Boreal Chickadee

It has been way to long time since my last post on this blog....but things have been very quiet for birding this Winter in Algonquin Park, in fact from what i hear all over southern Ontario.
However for landscape photogrhhpy its a Winter wonderland with picture postcard images everywhere,
One of my Nemesis Birds has been the Boreal Chickadee, being small and dark, with a tendancy to hang back in the shadows of trees i have never been able to get a good clean shot. This Winter the Park staff have placed a suet feeder on the Spruce bog trail which is opposite the park visitors center (handy for warm drinks and food on weekends) located only hundred feet into the trail from the parking lot just before the sign book post on the left high in a tree.
The suet feeder this year has attracted a single Boreal Chickadee along with some Blue Jays and Black capped Chickadees, i have to wait about two hours to finally get the shot that i wanted . happy at last.....
The feeders at Algonquin Inn have been very disappointing this winter so far, but everyday we have a about a dozen wild Turkeys that make the rounds, hopefully we will see the return of the Evening Grosbeaks again soon.


  1. Gary,

    Beautiful image! Well worth the wait I would say.

  2. Gary; Glad you were successful, great image and nice meeting you!


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