Sunday, February 13, 2011

pine martin and boreal chickadees

Had the opportunity to spend this weekend in the Algonquin Park as the Boreal Chickadees continue to feed at the suet feeder on the Spruce Bog Trail, and I wanted to see if I could improve on the photos from my last visit, also hoping to catch a moose out in the open in the snow. On the way in I was able to meet up with Ethan Meleg for the day. Ethan was also after the Boreal Chickadee. As an avid bird photographer he had yet to obtain a quality picture of the bird in twenty years of trying. Well, that all changed as of today.
Once we got to the Spruce Bog and set up, in a fairly short period of time we were visited by a lot of bird activity with four Boreal Chickadees, Red and White-breasted Nut Hatches, as well as Blue Jays and Chickadees. To top it all off we were visited by a pine Martin that has taken up residence close to the bird feeder taking advantage of the free bird suet and bird seed.

Boreal Chickadee

pine martin

Red-Breasted Nuthatch


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