Friday, April 17, 2009

algonquin bird report

Here are some sightings from the past week:

Spruce Grouse: Male at Spruce Bog Boardwalk north
of the register box; and 2 males in black spruce at north
end of Opeongo Road (east side).

Northern Saw-whet Owl: Singles calling at km 4, km 8
and km 19 on April 15.

Black-backed Woodpecker: Male excavating nest cavity
in second utility pole west of Leaf Lake Ski Trail
entrance on April 11. One at km 8 on the weekend.

Gray Jay: Opeongo Road, and Spruce Bog Boardwalk.

Boreal Chickadee: One in black spruce at north end
of Opeongo Road, and one at Spruce Bog Boardwalk.

Common Redpoll: flocks of 50 to 100 flying north early
in the week. Few to none at Visitor Centre feeder now.

Hoary Redpoll: One at Visitor Centre feeder on April
10 and 11.

Pine Siskin: 30+ at Visitor Centre feeders.

Evening Grosbeak: 20 at Visitor Centre feeders all week.

First sightings of spring this week included: Ring-necked
Duck, Common Loon, Rough-legged Hawk, Northern
Harrier, American Kestrel, Ring-billed Gull, Belted Kingfisher,
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, Tree Swallow, Barn Swallow
(April 15; ties earliest ever), Winter Wren, Golden-crowned
Kinglet, Eastern Meadowlark .

Whiskey Rapids Trail, Mizzy Lake Trail, and both
backpacking trails are closed due to flooding.

Please report your Algonquin sightings to me (including
date, number and location) for our park records. Thanks.

Good birding.

Ron Tozer
Algonquin Park Naturalist (retired)
Dwight, Ontario

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