Tuesday, April 21, 2009

birds algonquin inn backyard.

spent the weekend working in the yard,mostly painting the gazzibo down by the water,
but with one eye to everything that flew into the yard,
right now we have a pair on nesting mallards in the back pond,they have been returning now for the last 4 years,it looks lik they are sharing this year with an American Bittern (still trying to get a good photo)
we now have upto 4 northern flickers in the grass back lot with American robins,European starlings,100+ red wing black birds,crackle,ravens and many blue jays.
in the front of the restaurant feeders have been very busy with pine siskins,redpolls,purple finches,evening grosbeaks,nuthatch.American goldfinch,dark-eyed junco,downy woodpecker,hairy woodpecker,common mergansers,loons,nad in the wood section the back yard a pileated woodpecker,and just around the corner a pair of wood ducks just before the west gate to Algonquin park.

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